Steps For Setting Up A Mentoring Partnership

This form is to be used as a checklist throughout the mentoring process.

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Final Checklist

  1. Identify the needs and interests of both mentee(s) and mentor(s) within the mentoring relationship
  2. Use the “Mentorship Relationship Options” form to decide how to organize the mentoring relationship
  3. Determine if the mentoring relationship is envisioned as short-term or long-term
  4. Determine the time commitment and availability for meetings
  5. Determine the preferred method of communication and average communication frequency
  6. Complete the “Defining Mentoring Goals” form together to establish clear expectations
  7. Create a timeline for both mentee(s) and mentor(s) to achieve mentoring goals
  8. Establish accountability for responsibilities associated with the mentoring relationship
  9. Plan when to complete the “Mentoring Satisfaction Survey”
  10. Create a plan for what to do if mentee(s) or mentor(s) believes the mentoring goals are not being met
  11. Establish parameters for transitioning out of a mentoring relationship