3D Memos

The 3-D (Dean, Director and Department Head) communications distribute all policies and information that must reach administrators across the university. Memos often touch on areas related to faculty such as textbook adoption and providing accommodations to students with disabilities. Categories that may be of interest to faculty include Academic Affairs, Research and Sponsored Activities and Student Activities and Services.


Chancellor's Office

Academic Program Assessment

Two processes exist for undergraduate programs: academic assessment and program review. The academic assessment process is continuous, based on student learning outcomes and competencies assessment of the academic programs (SLOs) and the General Education program (competencies). The External Undergraduate Academic Program Review is an eight-year process based on annual process results and other relevant data for the programs.


Academic and Student Affairs

Administrative Advisory Committees

Administrative Advisory Committees may be appointed annually, but they are distinguished from University Standing Committees because their membership is not subject to recommendation by the Committee on Committees. These committees are managed by appropriate administrative offices.


Provost's Office

Completing Your Faculty Exit Survey

NC State asks departing faculty to participate in a voluntary, confidential faculty exit survey to better understand what faculty value most in their workplace and why they leave. The information is only used in summary form as a means to identify patterns or trends in the work environment at the university.


Institutional Equity and Diversity